Closed cooling tower

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ZSBN counterflow closed cooling tower

ZSBN products utilize the technology of combining coils and PVC fillers for secondary heat exchange in the same direction of Feng Shui, achieving efficient heat exchange. Due to the air and spray water flowing in the same direction through the coil, the spray water can cover the surface of the coil to the maximum extent possible, ensuring that the surface of the coil is completely moist. Compared to the reverse structure of feng shui, it greatly reduces the formation of dry points and scale on the coil wall.

ZSBH composite flow closed cooling tower (composite flow single inlet)

1. The composite flow cooling method is adopted to cool the medium with high temperature and large temperature difference requirements; 2. Built-in maintenance platform, large internal space, convenient maintenance; 3. High air duct design, unique exhaust system to ensure ventilation, fast heat dissipation and cooling effect; 4. Low noise, domestic well-known brands of wearing parts, low failure rate and low maintenance cost; 5. The cooler adopts anti-freezing and energy-saving design to ensure that the circulating water is drained to avoid freezing damage when the temperature is low in the northern region; 6. The shape design meets the requirements of international cooling tower certification, is beautiful and easy to operate and maintain.