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Wuxi Zhishui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the research and development and production of heat exchange equipment. Under the guidance of the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy, we are committed to the development of energy-saving products, promote circular economy, and provide customers with energy-saving and environmentally friendly cooling equipment and comprehensive solutions. as a cooling tower factory, closed cooling tower factory, open cooling tower factory, the company's main products are: closed cooling tower, closed cooling tower etc. Products are widely used in oil refining, chemical, steel, cable, coking, thermoelectric, chemical fiber, rubber tires, paper and other industries and commercial, civil building comfort air conditioning and many other fields, specifically crystallization, central air conditioning, air compressor, injection molding machine and refrigeration equipment. Especially for the casting and forging industry hydraulic oil, quenching fluid (oil), medium and high frequency diathermy, melting furnace and other equipment ideal cooling system equipment-evaporative cooling machine (closed cooling tower).

       Advantages and characteristics of closed cooling tower:

1, no need to dig the pool, less land, installation, maintenance is simple, easy to address

2, closed cycle cooling, eliminate scale formation, effective protection of the equipment.

3. Fully enclosed circulating cooling to eliminate pipeline blockage caused by debris.

4. Automatic digital display temperature control, water saving, energy saving, simple operation.

5. The coil cooler has high heat exchange efficiency and good cooling effect.

6. The closed cooling tower is made of high-quality steel, with low maintenance and low cost; long service life. Since there is no need to dig a pool, it is especially suitable in areas where water resources are scarce.

7, the use of closed cycle, to protect the environmental safety of water resources; coupled with the water mist evaporation less, to protect the atmospheric environment. Placed indoors will not affect the indoor environment, will not damage the use of other equipment conditions.

8. The closed cooling tower is equipped with temperature display and alarm function at the outlet, and can control the spray system through the digital display temperature controller to realize the adjustment of the inlet and outlet temperature. Make the closed cooling tower continuously, safely and efficiently cool the equipment within the specified temperature range.

9. After purchasing the equipment, the user only needs to connect the import and export pipes under the guidance of our technical personnel, and then it can be put into use immediately, which saves the company's personnel costs even more.

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