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ZSKN square countercurrent open cooling tower

1. Standard design working conditions: dry bulb temperature 31.5℃, wet bulb temperature 28℃, atmospheric pressure 99400Pa, inlet water temperature 42℃, outlet water temperature 32℃; 2. Use special packing for inclined trapezoidal wave square tower, with excellent thermal performance, The small ventilation resistance enables this type of cooling tower to achieve the design purpose of compact structure and small footprint; 3. Counter-flow square cooling tower adopts airfoil hollow structure, large diameter, large area, low speed, low dynamic pressure glass fiber reinforced plastic fan blades, the use of this type of cooling tower has the obvious characteristics of energy saving and low noise; 4. The ultra-low noise cooling tower is equipped with noise reduction devices at the air inlet and outlet and rain shower area to effectively reduce the noise of the cooling tower of the same level by 5dB (A); 5. It can be combined in various forms in parallel, which is more suitable for the use of large-volume circulating cooling water systems; 6. The fixed water distribution system is adopted, and the ABS multilayer flow low-pressure sprinkler is selected. The water distribution is uniform, the service life is long, and the water distribution head is low, which is beneficial to save the system water distribution power; 7. Q-235 profiles and FRP profiles can be used for the frame of the counterflow square cooling tower. Although the construction period is slightly longer and the one-time investment is higher, the frame has long service life and low maintenance costs. Users can choose according to the actual situation. ; 8. If the turbidity of circulating water is higher than 50ppm for a long time, or contains impurities such as oil, you need to choose PVC grid filler according to the water quality conditions. The turbidity of the circulating water can be extended to 450ppm.

ZSKH square cross flow open cooling tower

1. In the high temperature range (HIGHRANGE), that is, the temperature difference between hot water and cold water is more than 18 degrees, since the hot water needs to lower the temperature by more than 18 degrees in a short time, it must have sufficient contact time with the filler air. So the filler needs to be very high. (Actually equivalent to two or three cooling) 2. Because the wind and water of the cross flow tower flow in a cross direction, the resistance is only related to the depth of the diameter and has nothing to do with the height, so theoretically it can be very high. 3. The packing of the countercurrent tower cannot be made very high. The wind and water convection, generally above 1.5M, may cause air resistance. For example, color coating and galvanizing cooling in steel mills, and in rubber plants, where the hot water needs to be reduced from 55 degrees to 35 degrees or lower, cross flow towers can be used. 4. The water tower made by SKS Steel has a filler height of 5.5M and a cooling temperature difference of 25 degrees; it is APP Jinguang Group's papermaking process, using a 4000T/H single-cell cross flow tower, and the filler height is 15M; 5. In the case of sewage, the cross-flow tower can use grid packing and can be easily cleaned at any time without stopping; although the counter-flow tower can use grid packing, cleaning is problematic, and in actual engineering, sewage is often accompanied by high temperature, so Cross-flow towers can be two-pronged.