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ZSD air-cooled box type chiller unit


Low temperature chiller is a specialized chiller designed for special low temperature environments, with a cooling capacity for food preservation in commercial places such as hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, and large-scale cold storage for meat and seafood freezing, In the fields of refrigeration, ice making, food processing freezing/refrigeration, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and other low-temperature environments, reliable protection is provided. 1. The product range is complete, including three major series: high temperature (outlet temperature -5 ℃), medium temperature (outlet temperature -10 ℃), and low temperature (outlet temperature -15 ℃). 2. The structure is highly optimized, using heat exchanger plates to support the body, with a simple, compact and practical structure. 3. The perfect combination of screw compressor and heat exchanger has an energy efficiency ratio of up to 4.5. 4. Four stage or stepless capacity control, coordinated with load changes.

Keywords: closed cooling tower, open cooling tower


ZSD air-cooled box type chiller unit

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