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Quality assurance measures

Zhishui Environmental Protection

Quality assurance system, detection means

◆ All factory units are managed, produced and inspected in accordance with the ISO9001 quality assurance system.

The company has a simulation condition testing station.

◆ Cooling tower host equipment to take the whole 100 quality inspection measures;

◆The measurement tools of the products shall be inspected by China Quality Supervision Bureau;

◆ Pre-inspection of various raw materials and spare parts before production;

◆ Set up product identification cards in product production to record the manufacturing process and testing data of each process;

◆ 100% of the products are tested by the testing station under simulated working conditions before leaving the factory. The main items tested are

Air tightness test

Hydraulic test

Electrical safety test

◇ Nominal working condition performance test

◇ Operation test under maximum load condition

Running test under partial load condition

◇ Performance test under severe working conditions

The Noise Test

Determination of vibration value

Determination of cleanliness

◇ Test of power fluctuation range (380V ± 10%)